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Meet the CRG Team

CRG was founded in 1983 originally as Philo Management Company. Since that time, the company has been directly engaged in the redevelopment of apartments and condominiums for the next 25 years. The goal of its founder, Ron Cohen, has been to always provide a top quality residence at an affordable price. Since that time the company has been involved in the re-development over a thousand units throughout New Jersey and Florida.

Meet the CRG Living Team
Pictured from Left: Jon Obecny (Lil Jon), John Santavicca, Jr (Big John), Brent Kohere, Lynn Mauger, Yelitza Calvache, Lurdes Melo, Loretta Wolansky, and Ron Cohen.

In 2005, Ron Cohen joined forces with Brent Kohere, another 25 year real estate professional to form Cohen Realty Group. The CRG Philosophy has always been to take pride in our work and that the best product comes from a team of hard working professionals who enjoy what they are doing.

Some Completed Projects

The Sandtander Realty, Asbury Park, NJ
The Santander Park
Asbury Park, NJ
The Ocean Ritz, Daytona Beach, FL
The Ocean Ritz
Daytona Beach, FL
The Elmora Grand, Elizabeth, NJ
The Elmora Grand
Elizabeth, NJ

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